Mike Betts is a native of northern New Jersey. He first took a serious interest in cooking at the age of 11.  Inspired by cooking shows (particularly by Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook), he soon solidified his ambitions to pursue a career in the food industry. 

At the age of 16, Mike began working as a busboy in a French restaurant where he found himself absolutely enthralled by the skillful young chef and the bustling kitchen staff.  By 17, he was in the kitchen himself; a prep cook and omelet chef, working the ever-busy Sunday Brunch shift.  While his high school friends were out partying and sleeping in on the weekends, Mike was happily slinging omelets for 250+ patrons.  

Mike attended the Culinary Institute of America upon graduating high school.   Midway through the program, he landed an externship in Seattle, working at Fullers under James Beard Award-winning chef, Monique Barbaeu.  As part of the job, he would frequent Pike Place Market on a daily basis and relish in the glory of being surrounded by fresh seafood and seasonal, local produce.  Mike credits this time in Washington as his training on the importance of how and where to source ingredients- a critical part of his cooking philosophy.  

After graduating from culinary school, Mike worked diligently to build skill and restaurant experience by working under the likes of accomplished, renowned, and award-winning chefs:  namely, Monique Barbeau (at Fullers in Seattle, WA), Ken Oringer (at Clio in Boston, MA), Raymond Ost (at Sandrine's Bistro in Cambridge, MA) and Michel Husser (at Le Cerf in Marlenheim, France).

In 2000, after having learned a tremendous amount working in restaurant environments, Mike decided it was time to put to use his knowledge and unbridled enthusiasmfor all things food…this time, as a personal chef.  Since then, he has enjoyed bringing creativity and passion to the tables of individuals, couples and families alike.  He has had the pleasure of helping celebrity athletes (Kevin Youkilis of the Red Sox and Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots), prepare for their respective sports seasons by accommodating ideal diet recommendations.  Mike has also hosted various pop-up dinners, acted as a consultant to friends who opened restaurants of their own, and has traveled around the world- both for work assignments and to accrue continuing education in the culinary arts (one of his favorite adventures being a restaurant stage for Gunnar Karl Gíslason at Dill in Reykjavík, Iceland). 

Mike is Boston-based, but open to traveling.  His skill set is extremely versatile and he is flexible when it comes to special requirements and requests*. Small, private dinner parties are his specialty!

Mike brings beautiful, high-end restaurant quality food to the warmth of your own home (or otherwise specified location); he prepares a personalized menu and takes care of sourcing, shopping, cooking, serving and cleaning.  All you'll have to do is find the perfect wines to pair with your meal…though he is always up for providing recommendations, if you'd like a little help!  

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