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Boston Personal Chef

"After gaining experience in various restaurants I found an alternate path
of cooking, as a personal chef. I've been cooking for families since 2000.
Since then I've been providing prepared meals and cooking dinner parties
for all occasions. I pride myself on bringing restaurant quality meals to
your home. The purpose of mikebetts.com is to allow current and future
clients to become more familiar with me, my style of cooking, the services
that I offer as well as where I'm planning to go next on the culinary level.
I look forward to cooking for you soon!"


Boston Personal Chef Services

Mike Betts is a renowned Boston personal chef that has been cooking for individuals, couples, and families since 2000. He can prepare meals for any occasion or dinner party, as well as provide personal cooking lessons. His restaurant-quality meals are available to people throughout Boston, Nantucket, and New York City.

Most of Mike’s training is based on French techniques and cooking methods. He provides an extensive health conscious menu that combines everyday classics with unique and inventive combinations. He can also accommodate special requests, diets, and tastes, including kosher, low fat, low sodium, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free requirements.

Mike does all of the shopping for all of the fresh ingredients that he uses and cleans up after every meal. This ensures that he can completely eliminate the stress of having to prepare dinner for your family. If you are having a party, then this Boston personal chef can take all of the stress out of choosing a menu, preparing the meal, and having to clean up any mess in the kitchen. Mike’s fun and interactive cooking lessons also provide the perfect way for you to learn new recipes and techniques, while entertaining your closest group of friends.

Make sure to take a look at our hand-made customizable shirts and hooded sweatshirts also. To schedule your next event or cooking lessons, give Mike a call at 617-921-8292.

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Personal Cooking Lessons

Dinner parties for all occasions


Personal cooking lessons


Meals cooked for individuals, couples, families


Gift certificates available


Professional Chef NY

I shop for all ingredients, cook and clean up after myself for all meals.


Service areas:
* Boston & outskirts
* Nantucket



Gourmet Boston Chef