To Mike,
Thanks for all you did! The food was top notch!

~Rob Gronkowski 87~
New England Patriots


What a treat! Mike made our dinner party this fall simply amazing. He was thoroughly prepared, pleasant, neat and efficient. Everything -- from the picture-perfect charcuterie board, to the satisfying root vegetable soup, to the rich and flavorful short rib entree, to his homemade ice cream -- was delicious, and every course featured thoughtful, delectable accompaniments. We were able to experience some fabulous new flavors and seasonings that we hadn't tried before. Kudos to Mike, he really knows what he's doing. Our guests were thrilled, and really enjoyed his descriptions and local emphasis. The kitchen was absolutely spotless before he left. We definitely would recommend Mike to anyone looking for a personal chef to make their party a stand-out success!

 - Jerry & Trish

There are few words that come to mind when I think of mike Betts: passionate, dependable, knowledgeable, genuine, personable and the guy can cook. Renée and I were fortunate enough to have been introduced to mike 4 years ago by another chef we met on vacation. This particular chef said "if you are planning a private dinner party or event, mike Betts is the one to call"- he was dead on. We first experienced mike when we hired him to host my mother in law's surprise 60th at our house. He nailed it. From the food selection, wine pairing, service, clean up and most importantly people really enjoyed his company. We looked for events to hire mike for after that. He did our daughters birthday and house warming party as well. So many people kept commenting - who is this guy cooking the food? If you have an opportunity to hire him for an event, I would jump right on it. You will not regret it.

We are so fortunate to call Mike a friend

~Joe & Renée moran~

"While keeping a very laid-back approach to the whole process, Mike is able to personalize every meal in a way that can only be found at 5-star restaurants. Having that laid-back approach does not take anything away from his superb abilities in the kitchen.  

I have yet to meet anyone who can prepare food as healthy as Mike does without neglecting the overall final product, which for me, comes down to taste. He is able to bring those non-tangibles to the table that no one else in this field does and because of that, I would recommend him to anyone I know. Mike Betts = Great Food!"


 ~Kevin Youkilis~

"Mike first cooked for me in November of 2007 for a dinner party that my husband and I were hosting. Ever since, he has become a fixture in our kitchen whenever we host a dinner party, for holidays, and even just for a special treat for my husband and I. 
 Not only is Mike’s food absolutely delicious, but he is a delight to have around. He is always smiling and never gets flustered. He is organized and always leaves my kitchen spotless. He is very appreciative when I offer to help him clean up. Mike loves to use fruits and vegetables that are in season. He always has the freshest and healthiest ingredients. Mike is very flexible with dietary needs. On one occasion, he had to cook for us without being able to use nuts, garlic or onions due to allergies of two of our guests. His creativity was at its best. He made a fabulous and delicious dinner for 14. 
 My family absolutely loves it when Mike cooks for us. I can't recommend him enough!" 
 ~Jone Dalezman~

"Mike Betts is a talented and imaginative chef, who is also responsive to the needs and tastes of those fortunate enough to experience his creations.  Since 2001, Mike has prepared meals for our family and friends on a regular basis.  He has prepared and served dinner parties for 10 to 60 guests at our home.  For weekday family dinners, he prepares the dishes ahead of time and stores them with labels to instruct us in the last minute preparations, which we do ourselves. 

The culinary high point of our week is Friday night dinner, prepared and served by Mike.  It is really quite pleasant to enjoy one gourmet delicacy after the other in the comfort of our own home with friends and family. From the first, we were impressed with Mike’s highly professional manner.  He is well-organized, and the kitchen is always orderly throughout his preparations.  In addition to being well-trained, Mike has his own natural flair for liberating the fine flavors of foods.  I highly recommend him.”

~Claire, Meir, Sam, Eliane, and Orly Stampfer (Brookline, MA)~

"The flavors that were presented to us that evening were extraordinary and reflected the dietary limitations we had set. But that was only a part of what made the evening so delightful.  From the shopping, to the dialog with us all during the food preparation, to the serving of the food with a detailed explanation of what we had on our plate, Mike set a friendly and sharing atmosphere for a wonderful evening."

~Frank Davis (Brookline, MA)~

"Mike prepared and served a plated dinner for 15 at our home. Everything was impeccably done, from hors d’oeuvres to dessert. After providing us with a variety of tantalizing menu options to choose from, Mike took care of every detail including shopping for ingredients and bringing along required utensils. He arrived at our home a few hours before dinner, and calmly and professionally had everything ready when our guests arrived. Everyone raved about the service (Mike serves each course, accompanied by a description for guests) and, of course, about the fabulous food. By the time dinner was over, the kitchen was cleaner than before Mike had arrived. I can’t imagine a better way to have a dinner party for friends or colleagues!"
 ~Fran Grodstein and Andreas Gomoll~

"I had the pleasure of tasting Mike's food at a special dinner party in New York. I did not know him before, but he came highly recommended. Though he is from Boston, the hostess felt he was more qualified than anyone she found locally. His flavors are fresh, vibrant, accessible and pleasing. The food was plated attractively, always the right temperature, and everyone finished every thing on their plates. Mike left the kitchen in perfect condition. Overall, Mike played a key role in what was a memorably satisfying evening."
 ~Fred Plotkin, cookbook author~

"My husband and I have experienced Mike's culinary miracles for a couple of years now and it has complicated our lives. Why? Because nothing else measures up to his spectacular cuisine. We have had splendid meals in first rate restaurants in many parts of the world and still prefer Mike's creations. Mike also adheres to the most current nutritional recommendations so in addition to creating very imaginative, delicious meals he constructs his meals with lots of interestingly prepared vegetables and fruits, using monounsaturated fats. Even though we have moved from Boston to Manhattan, we'll continue to have Mike cook for us on special occasions. You, who live in the Boston area, are lucky indeed."
 ~Sonia and Jeffrey Sachs~

"My guests and I were smitten with Michael Betts! The dinner he prepared (cauliflower purée; roasted beet salad; and crispy Muscovy duckleg) was superb, and his witty remarks to the guests between courses, explaining the meal, added another layer of enjoyment to the party. I fully intend to ask Michael to cook for me again. "
 ~Andrea Sachs~